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How many times have you thought about launching your own website? How many times have you looked at your current website and wished it was better or easier to edit? Do you have countless logins and online elements scattered around and wish you could wipe the slate clean?

Clean Slate Websites started business with these and many other questions in mind. We realised we could abolish all the fears owners of small/medium-sized business have when they think about websites.

Our mission is this: take you by the hand and give you control of a website you are proud of

Why Choose Clean Slate Websites? 


We are James and Kelly from Clean Slate Websites. We have been using Squarespace since 2016 and in that time have built hundreds of websites covering a vast array of industries and requirements. In 2018 we were recognised for our work by Squarespace and given Authorised Trainer status - one of only a handful of people in the UK.

James and Kelly West

We give you control
of your website


We build our websites using Squarespace. It’s such an effective platform that we don’t charge clients for updates and changes. With your SquareSpace website, you’ll be able to edit your site, add pages and use the marketing, analytics and SEO tools to create a effective, vibrant website without additional costs or third party help.

The words are as important as the design


James’ experience as a journalist means he values words as much as design. With us, the content is given the prominence it needs, as are calls to action and overall purpose of website. Added to that, our combined experience with marketing and SEO means our customers don’t get a website. They get a website that works.

We talk business.
Not jargon


We’re not techies sat in a room coding websites. We own multiple businesses and so we understand the challenges that business owners face. We also understand that jargon is unhelpful. By demystifying websites, our clients gain confidence to take control of their website and marketing. And never look back.

James and Kelly took the concept of my old website and altered the content to suit the required SEO and designed and developed an amazing, modern site which now flows and reads so much better. They are an amazing duo. I have no qualms with referring them to any of my contacts looking for a more modern and up to date website. Highly recommend.
— Karen - Pellings Business Solutions

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