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Welcome to
Build Your Own
SquareSpace Website

We’ve distilled our knowledge building hundreds of SquareSpace websites into this online course.

So you can build one
amazing website. 

 What does the course cover?

This training course steps through the entire process of building and launching your own SquareSpace website. With video tutorials, checklists, worksheets and a simple step-by-step structure to follow, we guide you through every element of building your SquareSpace site.

Topics covered include:

  • Choosing the right template and SquareSpace plan

  • Connecting domains

  • Advice on content and calls to action

  • How to build pages

  • Navigation and connecting pages

  • Buttons and contact forms

  • Newsletter signup

  • Blogs

  • Adding social accounts

  • Guidance on SEO

  • Adding a shop

  • Connecting your domain

  • Pre-launch checklist


Course cost: £199

Every course also comes with a 20% code
off your first year’s annual SquareSpace plan*

Why SquareSpace?

 We started using SquareSpace in 2016 having used various other website platforms and never looked back. For us, SquareSpace is the most balanced web build platform available. It is easy to use and edit, yet incredibly professional and feature rich. It is flexible enough to be extensively edited but without danger of ‘breaking’ elements of the site. The stability and quality of the platform gives all businesses peace-of-mind, as well as “out-of-the-box” SEO with the ability to improve search engine visibility even further. And the investment SquareSpace is pouring into the platform means that it is improving all the time, keeping pace with the latest search engine requirements, adding new marketing options all while remaining incredible stable and reliable.

 Who are your course hosts?

Screenshot 2019-04-21 at 09.08.24.png

We’re James and Kelly West, the founders of Clean Slate Websites. We are authorised SquareSpace trainers and we’ve built hundreds of websites.

This has taught us two important lessons. Firstly, we know what it takes to build very effective websites using SquareSpace. Secondly, we know the challenges people have when building a website and how to make the best possible start.

Why did we build this course?

Firstly, lots of people have asked us to! It also helps us fulfill one of our primary business aims, which is to demystify websites and allow business owners to take control. Our experience building sites for clients and running website workshops means we understand this process inside-out and this has allowed us to build a concise and powerful training resource. This course allows us to help significantly more people build their website than we could ever do in person.

As professional web designers, why do we use SquareSpace?

James’ background as a journalist and editor means he values how SquareSpace allows you to focus on the content and messaging, while using powerful SEO and marketing tools to grow your business. With her history in design and now as a business mentor, Kelly loves how SquareSpace allows you to create beautiful, functional websites which are easy to manage and flexible, allowing her clients to change their website as their business evolves.


 How do I get started?

  1.  Click the button below to create an account. This will allow you to log into the course at any time

  2. Make your purchase to get full access to the course, including all the videos, checklists, and guides

  3. Once you’ve completed the course and are ready to go live, you will need to pay for your SquareSpace plan. If you choose the annual plan, you’ll be able to use a 20% discount code supplied by us

  4. Enjoy managing and editing your own professional business website!

* SquareSpace is an annual subscription service. Please check for latest pricing.