Which Squarespace template suits your business the best?



Choosing a template can be quite overwhelming - Squarespace offer a huge array of templates that all offer different features and design elements. For the purposes of this course, we are going to focus on the Brine template.

All templates sit within a family of other templates, this means you can pick a template - such as Hayden that sits within the Bedford family of templates and therefore shares theme settings and capabilities.

If you want to explore the options further, take a look at the Squarespace tips for picking your template, this article will help you understand the different options available to you.

You can also compare templates using this comparison chart - this will help you see at a glance the inclusions for each template. Things like parallax scrolling, fixed banners, navigation styles and blog layouts are popular areas that many of our customers want to make sure they include. This comparison chart will show you the relevant template available for your specific requirements.



Examples of some of our websites

We use many of the Squarespace templates when creating websites for our clients. We have built so many sites that it is now easy for us to identify the right template for a business instantly. We do realise that this won’t be as easy for you. Below is a list of websites we have built and the template we have used to create it. This will help you see how much a template can be changed to reflect your own individual needs.

Template: Brine
Template Family: Brine
Clean Slate Websites - this site
Wedding in New York

Template: Bryant
Template Family: Bedford
Total Wardrobe Storage

Template: Hayden
Template Family: Bedford
Business Innovation South Expo
Tower House Horses

Template: Hyde
Template Family: Brine
The ONLE Network

Template: Marta
Template Family: Brine
Eternal Blooms by Victoria

Template: Mojave
Template Family: Brine
Richmond Systems

Template: Moksha
Template Family: Brine
Collingbourne Wealth Management
Fusion Voice & Data
Hattingley Valley Wines
Troy Accounting

Template: Pedro
Template Family: Brine
Monkeynut Entertainment

Template: Sonora
Template Family: Brine
Kelly Louise West

Template: Tremont
Template Family: Tremont
The Winchester Orangery

As you can see from the examples we have shared with you, our preferred template family is either Brine or Bedford - for us they hold all the necessary requirements for building the perfect site. You will also see that you can make each site look so different with the change in specific template and design settings which we will cover later in the course.

Once you have chosen a template you are ready to move on to the next stage.


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Website content guide and form

Getting Started
Your Squarespace account
Managing your domain
Choose a template
Image selection

The Build
The Build - Part 1
The Build - Part 2
Adding content blocks
Adding buttons and links
Adding summary/gallery blocks
Adding a blog
Adding a shop
Adding newsletters and contact forms
Adding announcement bars/promotional pop ups

Design/Style Editor


Launching your site
URL redirects
Connecting your third party domain
SquareSpace plans and launch

SEO Basics

Keeping it simple
1. Website content form
2. The Build Part 1
3. The Build Part 2
4. SquareSpace plans and launch

Using the code:
CLEANSLATE will give you 20% discount off your first year’s annual Squarespace fees