Are there any other costs to consider?

Yes - the price you pay includes everything needed to build your website right up to its launch point.  In order to make your website live you need to pay an annual fee to Squarespace in order for them to host your site.  This fee varies depending on the package you pick.  The lowest cost currently stands at $144 per year.  The highest being $480 per year.  These prices are also subject to VAT.  You do have the option to pay for this monthly but we always recommend paying upfront for the year as you receive a discount.


Will my website belong to me?

Yes - Whilst Clean Slate Websites are building your site, we have sole access to it.  Once the site is built and ready to go live, we transfer ownership to you.  At this point you can leave us as an admin or contributor to your site or remove us completely.  Most clients like to leave us as a contributor.  The main reason being we can log in and help out as and where needed should you ever get stuck.  If you chose to keep working with us and purchase a 6 month marketing plan then we will need this access in order to make updates to your website.


How long will it take for my website to be ready?

This very much depends on which package you decide on.  We aim to turn around sites as quickly as possible for all of our clients.  We do rely on communication from yourself in order to make the process as smooth as possible.  By filling in the forms we will provide you with once signing up, we can gather some really important information about your business which will speed up the process greatly.  The following timescales are a guide to how long you can expect your website to take:

• One page website - 2 week turnaround
• Full website - 3 to 4 week turnaround
• Full website with online store - 4 to 5 week turnaround
• Website refresh - 2 to 3 week turnaround


Any other questions?

If there are any other questions you have that we have not covered, please feel free to contact us and we will happily answer them for you.