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Kelly and James, Clean Slate Wesbites

We are James and Kelly from Clean Slate Websites. We have been using Squarespace since 2016 and in that time have built hundreds of websites covering a vast array of industries and requirements.

In 2018 we were recognised for our work by Squarespace and given Authorised Trainer status - one of only a handful of people in the UK. Since then we have developed our business and spend more time helping people build their own website rather than building it for them.

We believe that you should have choice with your website and that it should not only look great but work to it’s best ability. We will help you discover what this really means during our series of courses.

We have broken down the course into manageable sections for you to follow - now that you have access to the course you can revisit any of the modules at your own pace. If you follow the flow we suggest it will make more sense but the journey is yours so use it as you see best.

There is also a handy checklist for you to download which will show you all the course sessions and allow you to tick them off once complete.

All that’s left to say is…. good luck, we look forward to seeing your website come to life!


Using the code:
CLEANSLATE will give you 20% discount off your first year’s annual Squarespace fees

Course Overview
Course hub

Website content guide and form

Getting Started
Your Squarespace account
Managing your domain
Choose a template
Image selection

The Build
The Build - Part 1
The Build - Part 2
Adding content blocks
Adding buttons and links
Adding summary/gallery blocks
Adding a blog
Adding a shop
Adding newsletters and contact forms
Adding announcement bars/promotional pop ups

Design/Style Editor


Launching your site
URL redirects
Connecting your third party domain
SquareSpace plans and launch

SEO Basics

Keeping it simple
1. Website content form
2. The Build Part 1
3. The Build Part 2
4. SquareSpace plans and launch

Using the code:
CLEANSLATE will give you 20% discount off your first year’s annual Squarespace fees