We've built you a website, what next?

Once we have designed your website and it's up and running, where do you go next? Two choices. The first is simple: do nothing. But if you do nothing with your website, you severely limit the number of clients who will find you and ultimately come to you for business.  Option two is create a digital marketing plan.  Let Clean Slate Websites put together a list of next steps for your online marketing strategy. This can be tailor-made to suit your business and its needs.

Already have a website?

So you already have a website? Great! Are you 100% happy with it? Or would you like a new site or a refresh of your existing one?  Clean Slate Websites can certainly help with this.  But even if not, then we can still help.

There are lots of businesses out there with perfectly good websites but they are just sat idle, underperforming and not achieving their full potential. If you think you fit this category then let Clean Site Websites work with you to push your business to the next level of online marketing.

What does an online marketing strategy consist of?

Launching a website is the first step to your online marketing strategy. In order to get to the next level you need to create a plan of how to engage with potential customers. How do you do this? Clean Slate will liaise with you to find out what your goals and expectations are. From here we can put in place monthly activity that will push you to that next level.  

Examples of the monthly activity you can expect:


• Monthly newsletter for your customers
• Keyword optimised blogs
• Social media posts

• Production of downloads/guides relevant to your area of business
• Minor tweaks/updates to your website
• Guidance for you to produce your own content