Our Clients

Clean Slate Websites have a wide range of clients, covering many different business channels. For some, all that was required was a single page site.  For others a more in depth monthly online marketing campaign. Below is some of the clients we have worked for. Feel free to click on the links and take a look at the work we have produced for them.


Winchester Heritage Open Days

An informative website with the option of booking onto events.


Fusion Voice & Data

Modernisation of an existing site for this established business. The addition of chat was a 'must have' feature for this company.


Pellings Business Solutions

New website for an already established business. Refreshing the look with modern images and a logo update.

Clean Slate has taken my old website and altered the content to suit the required SEO and designed and developed an amazing, modern site which now flows and reads so much better.
— Karen Brooks, Pellings Business Solutions

Wildbunch Florists

Tasked to build a new e-commerce store for this local business, we made a modern and easy to navigate website that they are able to fully edit themselves.


Smart Grooming

A new website for an already established brand of equestrian products. 


Sociable Suzy

New business needing a website to engage with potential clients. 


Kierney Photography

Brand new business needing a modern way to showcase their portfolio of work.



New e-commerce site for an already established local business. Putting all the elements needed in one place.


Monkeynut Entertainment

An already established business that needed a remake of their website. Great showcase for the entertainment they offer in Hampshire.


DM Property Maintenance

Local handyman needing a portfolio to showcase his work and services.


Herd Care

Second website for this client. Set up to showcase a different arm to the business.


Silk Bow Bookkeeping

The last of 3 websites for the Silk Bow Group. Clean, modern and to the point. 


Olive Communicate

Brand new business, brand new website. Showcasing a portfolio of work and list of services.


Steven Blane

American singer/songwriter. Needed to revamp his current site in order to grow his audience prior to his new album release.


Emma Francis Wedding & Events

Brand new business, brand new website. Modern, sleek and to the point. Shows the customer exactly what they need to know.


Heart Social

A brand new business needing a brand new website. This website needed to showcase the skills of the business as well as gain interest of potential clients.


Janine Pardo

Tasked with revamping her old website, we needed to give Janine a fresh new platform to showcase the amazing work she does, in a modern way.


Silk Bow Events

This website needed the addition of an online store so that tickets for events could be sold. The second site for the Silk Bow Group.


Hursley Workroom

Hursley Workroom had a website that didn't look or work in the way the business wanted. We built a new site that is modern and very user friendly.


Kate Bickford

Kate needed a site that would showcase her love for being a Home Business Mentor. With pages explaining her business and strategies alongside a blog that keep her audience updated.


Silk Bow Group

Silk Bow Group is a parent company for Silk Bow Events and Silk Bow Bookkeeping. This site was set up to give basic company details as well as links to the other sites.


Chef Gary 

Already established - Chef Gary needed a modern website to showcase his wonderful food.  An avid blogger of his parties, he needed a site that could be easily edited.


Copper Joes

This incredible Winchester café needed a website to be built from scratch. Our biggest aim was to make people aware of who they are and where they are located.


Lemon Tree Landcare

The start of a new business.  Lemon Tree had no previous website and wanted an affordable option that would allow them to promote their services to potential customers.


Winchester Bloggers

This new business wanted a website that showcased blogs as the main feature. Building a platform for the local community to share content and engage with each other.


Anna Miller Food

This website needed to showcase a portfolio of the client's work as well as the services offered.  Alongside this we provided full social media support, online marketing and logo design.


Hugo Barbers

Hugo already had a website but could not access it to make changes or edits.  We took the content and reworked it to produce this new modern, mobile friendly website.


SC Couriers

Fed up with paying a previous provider over the top fees, SC Couriers asked us to recreate their website in order to keep the cost down and make editing easier.


EssGee Fitness

The main aim of this project was to provide a one page site that would efficiently showcase all the required information for the business.