Website and Marketing Next Steps

Website and Marketing Next Steps


You’ve got a beautiful website - what’s next? We create a six-month online marketing plan which will make your website and online business soar. 
Finally, we ensure your brand is presented consistently and professionally on every online platform, matching the look, quality and messaging of your website.  Then we'll also add extra functionality as needed, such as chat support, a blog and data capture, and ensure your site calls to action are effective. Finally, we leave you with a step-by-step checklist of all those things you must do to get your website noticed and your online marketing strategy working perfectly.

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This package includes:

  • Advice on how to manage and use your social accounts for maximum impact 
  • Engagement best practice to start real conversations with clients and prospects
  • Advice on blogging, including a six-month content programme so you know what to write about and when
  • Email address capture advice so you can create follow-up activity with your website visitors
  • Creating or improving your Google my Business account
  • Matching the appearance and wording of all your social media accounts with the website, including correctly formatting images and logos for each platform
  • Review and improvement of your website calls to action
  • How to use analytics to understand your visitor behaviour and areas to improve
  • Adding a chat support function to improve your website engagement