Changing webpage addresses/URLs can result in the dreaded “this webpage cannot be found” message. Here’s how to avoid it.



What are 301 redirects?

A 301 redirect is used to send visitors from a page that no longer exists to a new source. Redirects are important when moving your website to SquareSpace as you don’t want to lose search engine ranking by creating “dead” links. It’s also relevant when altering any page name because search engines will be unable to locate pages it has previously indexed on your website. Once again, failing to use 301 redirects when a url is altered will result in a “dead” link.

Typically you will need to map 301 redirects when:

  • You are changing the URL of an existing page - even if this is within your Squarespace site.

  • Your old website URLs do not match those of your new site.

  • A page is deleted - you need to repoint visitors to a new page so that they don’t stumble across a broken link in Google.

You can only make 301 redirects when you are using the same domain name connected to your new Squarespace website.



Follow these steps:

  • Look at your current website and list all of the URL’s (you only need to record the information after your domain), i.e the URL of this page is: /url-redirects. Placing these in a spreadsheet can be helpful.

  • In the column next to each URL add the new URL you want to point to - it may be that the URL is the same and if this is the case you don’t need to map it. If there is even a slight difference, make sure you note it.

  • Head over to your Squarespace dashboard and go to Settings › Advanced › URL Mapping

  • Here you need to enter “original URL” -> “new URL” 301. An example of some real life 301 remaps are in the box below:

Squarespace 301 redirect
  • Once you have added all the redirects, click ‘save’.

When making a note of all the URLs you need to remap, be mindful of your social media channels. You will be amazed at all the places you may have entered a URL for people to connect with your site. You will need to make sure all of these are changed or remapped.


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Using the code:
CLEANSLATE will give you 20% discount off your first year’s annual Squarespace fees